Ahmed Essam

When I first started learning database systems, I ran into problems dealing with Arabic text in databases. Since these problems were specific to the Arabic language, I couldn’t easily find solutions on the internet. I try in this post to summarize the solutions I know to a common Arabic text problem in database systems, hoping it will help someone struggling to deal with Arabic text in databases.

You have characters which are considered the same in Arabic (like Alef 'ا' and Alef with Hamza 'أ'), but these are two different characters in database systems. When you try to make a search function in your website, for example, you want to ignore the differences between these characters. The use of case-insensitive collation like utf8_unicode_ci won’t solve the problem. …


Ahmed Essam

Web developer, Arabic Native, open-source enthusiastic, trying to do things the right way.

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