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When I first started learning database systems, I ran into problems dealing with Arabic text in databases. Since these problems were specific to the Arabic language, I couldn’t easily find solutions on the internet. …

Just posting a fix that took me hours of googling. While trying to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 on Virtual Box 6.1, and after mounting the Ubuntu Server ISO then starting the VM, I encountered this error:

Screenshot of the boot error

Turns out I reduced the RAM of the VM to be 512MB, adjusting the RAM to 768MB fixed it!

Thanks to @mrtumnus for posting his answer at serverfault:

Hope I saved you some googling time!

Note: This tutorial requires Linux. If you want to test your flash under windows check out: test-and-detect-fake-flash-with-h2testw

So you have a corrupted flash memory, you copy files into it and when you try to open it later, they don’t work. There are number of reasons for this problem, one of…

I recently made a clean install of Debian 10 (Buster). I migrated my emacs.d and .emacs hoping that everything will work as usual. I didn’t have much trouble with Emacs except for Jedi Server, which is responsible for Python auto-completion, has stopped working. …

Ahmed Essam

Web developer, Arabic Native, open-source enthusiastic, trying to do things the right way.

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