Ahmed Essam

Jedi stopped working after upgrading Linux

I recently made a clean install of Debian 10 (Buster). I migrated my emacs.d and .emacs hoping that everything will work as usual. I didn’t have much trouble with Emacs except for Jedi Server, which is responsible for Python auto-completion, has stopped working. It took me some time to fix this problem, and I am posting the fix hoping it will save someone else’s time.

Error Message

I tried to reinstall Jedi, the package installs fine, but when I tried jedi:install-server I got this error:


After googling around, I found my solution. I needed to install virtualenv as it is required by Jedi, and also fixing the python environment in .emacs.d.

You can install virtualenv using the package manager:

Then apply this command replacing [USER] with your home directory:

This should fix your problem!

To understand what the last command does, you can check the man page:

It seems like the Python environment created in .emacs.d didn’t have access to the site-packages modules, and this command fixed it.

Hope this fix saved your time!

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